~   The Quill of Fiction   ~

Dear Lord, please inspire someone to invent a word processor already. This feather allergy’s killin’ me.

These are two historical-fiction newspapers. 

The Jerusalem Star is the underground morning newspaper of the Jewish community for the morning of the Resurrection; and The Bethlehem Star is the monthly newspaper for what would be our month of December, in the year of the birth of Jesus.  

The newspapers are intended, first and foremost, to be educational and inspirational; as they take us back in time, and allow us a small glimpse, not only of what life may have been like during these times, but also how some of these events may have been perceived by those who perhaps experienced them firsthand.

The stories are written in such a way that they can be especially enjoyed when read aloud to a class of students or a group of listeners. In fact, it you’d like to hear our own rendition of these same stories, ads, jokes, etc., as a fictional radio evening news broadcast, with all the emotion-carrying music and sound effects, please give a listen to a sample audio clip at The Voice of Bethlehem or The Voice of Jerusalem. These can be acquired as a multiple-CD set or as an MP3 download.

For a closer look into either newspaper, and to see a brief video introducing each, please visit the separate page for either one by clicking on their links. In fact, if you look closely, you can read the entire first page right on those web pages!

We now make both newspapers available at our stage presentations, and as well as right here to anyone who may be interested in using them as either teaching aids, or for moments of their own personal reflection on these events that have so altered the history of the world.  We try to keep their price as low as we can afford to, in order to allow as many as possible to benefit a little from what they may have to offer.

In fact, we have in the past offered them to be passed out for free to the Christmastime patients at our local St. Mary’s Hospital, and at Providence Hospital of Southfield, which was done through their Chaplain’s offices.

They can be ordered right here through our Scripture on Stage Store, or by calling us at 248-219-1348.  We do try to offer reduced prices for higher quantity orders if they were, for instance, to be purchased for the students of a religious education program.  That would warm our hearts no end, of course, to think that these might be used for such a wonderful purpose, ...the purpose, in fact, for which they were originally intended.

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