The Voice of Bethlehem!

The Historical Fiction Radio News Broadcast from Bethlehem

for The Very First Christmas!


This historical fiction evening radio news broadcast, right from the normally tranquil little town of 1st century Bethlehem, and on what we all have come to know as the very first Christmas, is hosted by enthusiastic, long-time native Bethlehemite news anchor Simon ben Hopin, the Scribe’s Son.

Hopin informs us, however, that things have been a little different lately in this small town in the shadow of mighty Jerusalem.

An unusually bright star has appeared in the skies overhead and it looks like it has brought with it a few delightful, but rather puzzling goings-on in the town:

  1. BulletTownsfolk who are normally miserly and mean, now, all of a sudden, are doing nice things for others. Whatzup wit dat?

  2. BulletCould the new star be the sign everyone’s been waiting for for hundreds of years, that maybe finally Bethlehem will become more than just another insignificant small-time blip on the map of the chosen people?

  3. BulletWhy in heaven’s name are we all of a sudden receiving visits from well-healed visitors from afar?

  4. BulletCan those shepherds be believed when they come to us with a highly unusual tale about what happened to them last night?

  5. BulletHow about that young carpenter Joseph fellow we interviewed who claims to have witnessed a “miracle” on his journey here from Nazareth through the Jordan Valley? Seems like a nice guy, ...but is he to be believed?

Click here for a few audio excerpts from

The Voice of Bethlehem

just to give you a sampling of this enchanting journey back in time:

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The Voice of Bethlehem is a dramatic interpretation of all the stories, columns, and even the ads contained in The Bethlehem Star newspaper, the historical fiction newspaper for the first Christmas; with all the background music, sound effects, and character voices that will help bring these events alive for all of our listeners. 

Unlike our Bethlehemite listeners, however, only we will fully understand the tremendous significance of all of the strange, seemingly miraculous events taking place in the land during these highly remarkable days that will become the turning point for all of us in the history of the world.

We hope that your family, students, and entire parish will find it not only educational, but wonderfully entertaining and even inspirational! 

So we encourage you to sit back in your favorite easy chair by the side of the hearth and step back in time to the days of the very first Christmas. Or, ...maybe you’re looking to immerse your mind and heart in the original Spirit of Christmas during that long journey through the night to the distant home of Grandma and Grampa. 

Either way, we think you’re going to experience that first Christmas like it has never been experienced before;,...uh, except, of course, by those ancient citizens of Bethlehem so many long years ago.

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