• An Evening with Simon Peter

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  • Peter & Magdalen …on Jesus

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  • An Evening with St. Joseph

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  • Bringing the Historical Jesus Alive
    Through the Magic of Theater
    and the Quill of Historical Fiction

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  • Our Full Theatrical Productions

    Our Full Theatrical Productions

    Please consider offering your parishioners an educational, thought-provoking, fun, inspirational, and genuinely heartwarming full theatrical presentation wherein we "bring alive the historical Jesus" through the historically accurate, yet partially fictional remembrances of several of his closest associates and "family," primarily focusing on the remarkable events of the very first Christmas, and on the passion, death, and resurrection events of our Lord.
  • Written & Audio Publications

    Written & Audio Publications

    I'm afraid, as of March 2019, we're still working away on this. But here's the plan. Please take a quick look; and then come back soon to check our progress.